Friday October 23 is the first day of the electoral campaign for the presidential elections due to take place in Romania on November 22. Seven candidates have been validated to take part in the race, with Friday the last day when candidates may register for the elections.

The candidates validates so far are:

  • incumbent head of state Traian Basescu, running as an independent candidates supported by the Democratic-Liberals (PDL)
  • Social Democratic Party (PSD) president Mircea Geoana
  • National Liberal Party (PNL) president Crin Antonescu
  • Greater Romania Party (PRM) president Corneliu Vadim Tudor
  • Kelemen Hunor of the Hungarian Democrats (UDMR)
  • businessman-politician Gigi Becali
  • Ninel Potirica, head of the unions of business people of Rroma origin

One candidate to submit his registration on Friday is Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu, running as an independent. Remus Cernea of the Green Party is also expected to register.

Candidates have one month to appeal the voters to give their support.

According to the Constitution, the President of Romania is chosen by universal, equal, direct, secret and free vote for a term of five years. The presidential seat may be held by one person for a maximum of two terms, which may be successive.

This is the first year that presidential elections take place separately from parliamentary elections, following an extension of the presidential term from four to five years.