According to a European Commission study performed in September 2009, 54% of the 1010 Romanians interviewed declared that they did not take and will not take their leave this year. Only Slovakia and Malta have a bigger percentage in the EU: 57.9% for the first and 60.8% for the latter. The mean of the study in the EU is 37.1%.

The Finnish stand at the other pole - 88% say that they took or will take leave in 2009.

68% of the Romanians who did their leave or say will go on holidays (will) stay in the country, 23% (will) visit an EU country and 6% (will) travel outside the EU. The preferred destinations are Italy and Bulgaria.

Asked if they had to cut their holiday budget, 39% agreed, 6% said they have not been affected by the crisis but reduced it out of precaution and 31% said that they never travel during their leave.

Regarding their plans, 12% said they have not been affected by the financial crisis and therefore have no problems taking their leave in 2010; 27 % may leave only of they spare some money first and 21% said they could not consider a vacation next year.