The European Commission will do its best to continue financing Romania's loan, EC representative Fabienne Ilzkowitz declared on Wednesday evening, after discussions with the Romanian Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea in Bucharest, Romanian press agency NewsIn informs.

Five out of the 20 billion euros, granted to Romania through an agreement with the international financial institutions in the beginning of the year, come from the European Commission. The EC already sent Romania 1.5 billion euros in July and is expected to be giving Romania another billion this year.

The European Commission's spokes person for economic and financial affairs Amelia Torres declared on October 20 that the money Romania is supposed to received in the final 2009 quarter from the European Commission are subject to Romania's fulfilling all conditions:

"This can happen only if all conditions are met, including the 2010 budget, which respects the engagements assumed through the economic reform and fiscal consolidation programme", the European Commission says.

In the end of last week, the European Commission stressed again that "fulfilling these requirements is a compulsory request to be awarded the sum of 1 billion euros". This implies, if necessary, the possibility of organising a new mission after the forming of a new government".