The Emergency Committee met on Monday to discuss the AH1N1 management, after an increasing number of swine flu cases have been recorded throughout Romania.

Health Ministry officials declared at the Emergency Committee meeting on Monday that all medical units would be in quarantine starting Monday. The vaccination against swine flu will begin in November 26-27. The vaccines are produced by Cantacuzino Institute in Bucharest.

The idea of buying swine flu vaccine from producing pharmaceutical companies was given up. Adrian Streinu-Cercel declared:

  • "There is an EU document specifying there might be between 40,000 and 200,000 deaths addressing the AH1N1 virus. We recommended the following procedure: any person presenting the symptoms of the flu should isolate himself/herself, call up their GP and decide together what is to be done."
  • "Pandemic vaccination is aimed for the youth and all the logistics is in place. Parents should not be sending their children to school if they notice any flu symptom; any contact with groups should be seized", Streinu-Cercel added.
  • AH1N1 clinic tests were given away for free by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Romania's got sufficient tests to carry on the procedures. The tests will not be performed on request.
  • The schools are closed down if at least three individual cases in different student groups.

It is inevitable that the number of cases will increase. Whenever a new virus is discovered, it takes roughly five to months to come up with a vaccine. Doctors recommend washing hands with soap as frequently as possible.

Sinaia (Central) is the biggest infection centre so far in Romania. 40 tourists have caught the virus and have been hospitalised last week. The hotel was shut down for two days for 48 hours of disinfection. It was not the only building to be subjected to such a procedure: the list is completed by a casino, gym and a pub where foreign students studying in Sinaia were usually spending their spare time.

In Pitesti (South), a 15-year old was diagnosed with swine flu after returning from Israel. State secretary Adrian Streinu Cercel claimed Romania was facing a swine flu pandemic and that the Romanian population risks being contaminated.

The Romanian Health Ministry says swine flu symptoms are similar to any respiratory affection triggered by a virus: running nose, sore throat, temperature higher than 37 degrees Celsius, feeling feeble.