A ninth grader from the Matei Basarab College in Bucharest was diagnosed with swine flu. Another 10 patients tested positive for A H1N1 were recorded in Iasi (North-East), while three more cases were confirmed in Bacau (East).

Another case has been recorded with the Fratii Buzesti College in Craiova (South), where a girl was diagnosed with swine flu.

Among the 10 cases listed in Iasi, three of them are students studying at the Pedagocic High School in the city.

Two more A H1N1 cases were recorded in Bacau.

On Tuesday, the Romanian Supreme State Defence Council declared that Romania's swine flu management was under control from a medical point of view. "Romania currently faces a situation better than other EU members or neighbouring countries", the authority's representatives said after an emergency meeting.

There has been over 650 swine flu recorded in Romania