The International Monetary Fund Delegation to Bucharest is scheduled to meet ex-Romanian Prime Minister (currently temporary PM) Emil Boc on Wednesday night to discuss Romania's budget for the coming year, Mediafax informs, quoting official sources. One of the key-conditions imposed by the IMF in order for Romania to receive the third loan instalment is to adopt the budget for the next year by December 10.

The last discussion the IMF had with the PM took place one week ago.

Social-Democratic Party (PSD) announced on Tuesday evening that, after consulting PNL and UDMR, PSD decided to propose on Wednesday the adoption of a Parliament's agreement that entitles the dismissed Emil Boc Cabinet to propose a law project for 2010.

Emil Boc declared last week that the law project for the next year's budget will be finalised by the Government in the first ten days of November and that it could be promoted in the Parliament under a legislative initiative form by the Cabinet's members who are still MPs.

According to Romania's Constitution, the Boc Government, having been dismissed last month through a censorship motion, is not allowed to take the budget project to the Parliament.

Romania sealed a financing agreement with several international institutions in the beginning of the year. The loan is worth 20 billion euros. 13 billions come from the IMF.