The decision project requesting for the Boc Cabinet II to submit the 2010 budget proposal was voted by the Romanian Parliament, with 259 votes in favour (PSD, PNL, UDMR and Minorities), four against and 120 abstentions (PD-L). According to the Constitution, the Boc Cabinet, dismissed last month, cannot take the budget law to the Parliament.

Vasile Blaga declared for that PD-L will attack the Parliament's decision in the Constitutional Court.

Constitutional Law professor Liviu Popescu: "This is clearly a non-Constitutional decision. According to the Constitution, the temporary Government can only manage current affairs. The Budget Law and the Social Insurances Law are essential political tools."

Adopting the 2010 budget in December is one of the key-conditions Romania needs to fulfil in order to get the next instalment of the IMF loan.