"I can assure you that we won't have the Govermant that Mr. lliescu or Mr. Voiculescu want for their desired privatisations. I can assure you I will designate a responsible Prime Minister, behind whom nothing I have mentioned earlier will take place." This is Romania's President first reaction at the Parliament's rejecting the Croitoru Cabinet.

  • "I respect mayor Johannis, but he is currently being fooled because I know very well what stood behind him: Iliescu, Hrebenciuc and Vanghelie's interests. Because I will not give them the satisfaction, once more, to have the Government they wish for, Vantu and Voiculescu's TV channels will start flooding with curses and attacks", Traian Basescu stated, quoted by Romanian press agency NewsIn.
  • "You should know that I have a healthy liver, heart and mind and I will not give in to mass-media pressure for anything in the world, and I can manage stress much better than they can. My dears, Romania needs a Government that does not serve oligarchs and moguls, but a Government that continues to work for Romanians, the way the Boc Cabinet did.
  • "Look at them, at what they have done today in the Parliament: they knocked down a second Government. Why did they do it? Because they crave after the Post Office, salt mines, ROMGAZ, TRANSGAZ, TRANSELECTRICA's privatisation for five years. I told them in 2006: we'll stop big privatisations to observe what effects the PETROM privatisation has. And I would not say that it had the most fortunate effects, we gave away our oil reserves. I opposed to the privatisation of the Post Office and gas resources. All in all, this is their discontent and illustrated at TV, in the ad hoc formed majority".

Traian Basescu made the statements during an electoral campaign event in Teleorman county (South), shortly after the Lucian Croitoru Government was rejected in the Parliament.

The Parliamentary majority announced after the voting that they continue to support Sibiu's mayor Klaus Johannis for the PM role.

PSD leader Mircea Geoana declared that he is to ask the resuming of the discussions between the political parties and the chief of state for designating a new Prime Minister.