President Basescu declared during consultations with the Democratic Liberal Party delegation that he will analyze on Friday the results of the discussions he had with all political groups in the Parliament.

Basescu at the meeting with minorities: Do you have an understanding with Liberal Crin Antonescu: Who proposes Iohannis? You or the Liberal Party?

The national minorities’ Parliamentary group has two proposals for PM: Sibiu's mayor, Klaus Iohannis or Aurel Vainer, President of the Jewish Community in Romania, leader of the group Varujan Pambuccian declared.

Aurel Vainer is a Romanian economist, of Jewish origin and he currently President of the Jewish Communities Federation in Romania.

Independent's group: We do not have a proposal

Representative of the Independent's group, Gabriel Oprea declared after talks with the President that it is in times like these when political men can be seen. He added that his group stands for a compromise, to appease the crisis.

Hungarian Democrats: We believe that the President can consider Klaus Iohannis as PM

Hungarian Democrat Vice-President Verestoy Attila declared that his party wants to be part of a coalition that enjoys support in the Parliament. He added that his party did not put forward any other proposal for PM besides Iohannis.

Liberal Party: our proposal stands - we endorse Klaus Iohannis/ Basescu: You are here to impose a person

Liberal leader Crin Antonescu declared during the talks with the President that the proposal of the Liberals stands. He explained that his party does not impose a solution, bnut rather insists for a rational solution that comes to cater for the current needs.

Basescu accused Social Democratic Party leader Mircea Geoana of trying to impose a government lead by Klaus Johannis but maneuvered by Hrebenciuc, Iliescu and Vanghelie, leaders of the party.

Basescu underlined that he will not leave the country without a government until after elections.