Liviu Negoita has been designated PM on Friday by president Traian Basescu, after the last consultations with the political parties. Liviu Negoita is member of the Liberal-Democratic Party (PD-L) and mayor of Bucharest's third sector. He announced that he would start the negotiations for the formation of a majority that would support the future coalition government he'll be forming.

Liviu Negoita announced that the negotiations would last for three days and on Friday the list of the new Cabinet will be sent to Parliament.

"I am open to the political forces in the Parliament, bearing in mind that they have declared to be interested to adopt de state budget", the designated PM said.

Traian Basescu's statements after meeting the parliamentary groups' reps:

  • PNL wants a government of technocrats led by Klaus Johannis.
  • PSD wants a government of technocrats led by Klaus Johannis.
  • UDMR backs a government led by Klaus Johannis, formed by technocrats and politicians.
  • The national minorities propose a government headed by Klaus Johannis, formed by politicians.
  • An equidistant proposal has been made, namely for the current government to remain in place until after the elections, but at the consultations we decided to not name the source of the proposal.
  • PD-l backs the idea of a political government, which will assume political responsibility for getting over the difficult moment at the end of this year.
  • The independents' group had a different position, who announced they will back any government that will manage the country's problems correctly.
  • In my opinion, it is concerning that the majority prefers a government of technocrats. This creates the risk of this government to exist only for a certain period, a service government, used until we solve our problems.
  • Romania needs a PM that is not to be trifled with.
  • I decided to nominate Liviu Negoita.
  • Liviu Negoita won the local elections with 80% of the votes, so he has the population's support.

PNL, the first party to come out of the consultations - Cotroceni does not understand that it cannot name a PM without a parliamentary majority

PNL vice-president Ludovic Orban:

  • Ten days ago, a PSD-PD-L was invested, which was presented as Basescu's dream.
  • After an unmatched economic crisis, a political crisis has been triggered by the war between PSD and PD-L for the Interior Ministry.
  • PNL leader Crin Antonescu found a solution to the political crisis, proposing a PM that gathered a parliamentary majority of almost 70%: Klaus Johannis.
  • We expect the president to designate Klaus Johannis.
  • Traian Basescu wanted to know where the parties stand, but this remains unchanged: PSD, PNL, UDMR and the minorities back Klaus Johannis.   

Except for Emil Boc, the PD-L leader, no other party leader took part in the consultations, since they were engaged in other activities across the country.