We are undergoing a deep and complicated crisis and I believe political forces in the Parliament should be wise and vote my cabinet, designated PM Liviu Negoita declared in a press conference announcing his Cabinet.

Here is the list of the Cabinet:

  •     Daniel Funeriu - Education
  •     Vasile Blaga - Regional Development Ministry
  •     Gabriel Oprea - Interior Ministry
  •     Gheorghe Pogea  - Finance Ministry
  •      Mihai Seitan - Labor Ministry
  •    Radu Berceanu - Transports Ministry
  •     Valeriu Tabara - Agriculture Ministry
  •     Adriean Videanu - Economy Ministry
  •    Catalin Predoiu - Justice Ministry
  •      Bogdan Aurescu - Foreign Affairs Ministry
  •     Sulfina Barbu - Environment Ministry
  •      Theodor Paleologu - Culture Ministry
  •     Mihai Stanisoara - Defense Ministry
  •      Anton Cristian Irimie - Health Ministry

Here are some of the most important declarations made by Negoita:

  • I respect PSD leader Mircea Geoana, but I think we see things quite differently
  • Romania needs a government
  • I invited him for talks but he refused and if Mircea Geoana wishes to advise someone, he should advise his party to vote for my Cabinet
  • I believe Parliamentarians will be more responsible and will vote for this government
  • I have the IMF declaration saying that Romania will receive the Financing if a new government will be voted