A transport of a fish species considered to be toxic in Spain is prepared to be exported and sold in Romania, daily publication El Pais writes. It is a sheat fish species from the Ebro river, which is due to reach the shelves of the Romanian stores through a company owned by a Romanian immigrant. The project is backed by Catalonia’s government, trying to get rid of this predator that brings significant damages to the local fauna after it had been nested in the Ebro river for sportive fishing.

The company granted the license to fish and sell the species to Romania is called Mondo Ivans. Since October and up to present it took out from the river about three tones of sheat fish, which has been frozen. "When we'll have five tones, we'll send it to Romania to be transformed in fish flour, but also for consumption", Mondo Ivand owner brother Valentin Ivanov declared for El Pais.

The Superior Centre for Scientific Investigations from Spain (CSIC) published a study demonstrating the this fish is toxic for human consumption, claiming proofs attesting significant mercury quantities contained by the sheat fish from the Ebro river.

The research was carried on at the Spanish Environment Ministry's request. It indicates that this type of fish is not recommended for human consumption. "The investigated fish presented a high level of mercury, among other heavy metals", the study's author Jordi Grimalt declared for El Pais.