The Romanian President Traian Basescu confirmed during his taking part in the "Nasul" show at the Romanian TV channel B1Tv the information published in exclusivity, namely that the PSD president Mircea Geoana paid a secret visit to Moscow. Basescu recalled that he was the first one to salute Geoana's redrawing from the Council's vice-president role this spring, when the PSD leader took the decision.

  • "I can only confirm that Mircea Geoana went to Moscow. For a complete picture, remember that after April I said 'it's good he's leaving CSAT'. I was having in mind exactly this issue, you can't be CSAT vice-president and leave to organised meetings in Moscow without informing the CSAT president", Basescu declared on Thursday evening for "Nasul".
  • The chief of state carried on by noting: "Cristian Diaconescu told a lie, namely that Geoana would have informed all the institutions of the state regarding his visit to Moscow".
  • "I want to start by saluting Mr. Mircea Geoana's announcement about redrawing from CSAT. I cannot set the legality from a constitutional point of view and from the perspective of the current laws, but, on the whole, I salute this declaration of intent. This announcement of his contradicts his clear intention to impose the Senate's Speaker to be the CSAT vice-president as well during the negotiations for the Governing protocol. This is a radical change compared with six months ago", President Traian Basescu stated on June 9.