"There is an extraordinary pressure on the prosecutors in special cases in Romania", said Romanian ex-prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu, who requested the release of Omar Hayssam. A book has been launched on the investigation Nastasiu undertook. He accused the fact that there have been mandates for monitoring some politicians while he was still a prosecutor - "Udrea, Stolojan, Verestoy, Voiculescu". Nastasiu, ex-prosecutor for the Romanian Authority for Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), was sanctioned due to Omar Hayssam's fleeing Romania, a case which he investigated as well. He resigned from the Magistrate's Court.

  • "This book is not the testimony of a frustrated man, but the pain of a man publicly considered guilty for freeing Omar Hayssam. In Romania, there is an extraordinary pressure on prosecutors in special cases", Ciprian Nastasiu said during a broadcast launch of his book.
  • Ciprian Nastasiu also unveiled that, during the time when he was a prosecutor, "there were mandates to monitor politicians. The monitored politicians were suspects of crimes". He named Elena Udrea, Theodor Stolojan, Verestoy Attila and Dan Voiculescu from the political batch, adding a Romanian journalist on the list, namely Bogdan Chireac.
  • "Omar Hayssam said he know many things that he will bring to light", Ciprian Nastasiu added. "The information regarding the negotiations for the liberation of the kidnapped journalists is classified, the crisis cell in Cotroceni has all the details" he noted.

In the summer of 2006, when Nastasiu was investigated Hayssam's fleeing the country, the two had several discussions over the phone, establishing that the Syrian was in Lebanon. Ciprian Nastasiu added that the term "the Professor", which occurred in the phone conversations, had not been invented by him, but by Omar Hayssam. In writing his book, Nastasiu said he also used documents declassified by the American authorities: a particular group of Americans lobbied fore declassifying the Syrian's dossier.

Victor Gaetan: It has been known since 2005 that "the Professor" was Traian Basescu

In his turn, the Romanian-American publicist Victor Gaetan said, on launching Ciprian Nastasiu's book: "It has been known since 2005 that "the Professor" is Traian Basescu". Plus, he accused the chief of state that he went in Syria in 2008 to hide the truth about Omar Hayssam's escape.

"President Basescu was elected for a programme of fighting against corruption. After five years, president Basescu asks for another five years' mandate. He should first argue if he exterminated corruption, as he had promised. Mr. Basescu's mandate is a total failure, because he prevented the course of the act of justice. Traian Basescu got rid of the skilled prosecutors from the Magistrates’ Court", Victor Gaetan accused.