62 new swine flu cases have been confirmed in Romania over the last 24 hours. The number of patients tested positive for AH1N1 in Romania has now reached 1,397, according to the latest Health Ministry report.

Most of the new infection cases have been traced in Botosani (North-East) - 15, Galati (East) - 8, Vaslui (East) - 7, Bucharest - 6 and Iasi (North-East) - 5 new cases.

In Alba, Dambovita and Dolj, there have been four cases in each county, in Constanta (South-East), Harghita (Central) and Suceava (North) - two cases, while in Bacau (East), Bihor (West) and Hunedoara (West) - one case each.

Additionally, to prevent of the affection, several schools have suspended their activity for a short term.