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Romanian President on ex-prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu's accusations: Elections are not won with dossiers stolen from DGIPI or with prosecutors rejected by Justice and recovered by parties

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Luni, 16 noiembrie 2009, 20:26 English | Top News

Incumbent Romanian president Traian Basescu declared that "PSD is responsible that Omar Hayssam reached the level of influence which made him partner with the chief of state in official trips". He asked Mircea Geoana to "stop using his family friends to attack presidential candidates". The chief of state's statement comes after ex-DIICOT prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu presented his book "Pradarea Romaniei" (Stealing Romania) during a press conference in Bucharest. Victor Gaetan, a Romanian-American writer, is the co-author of the book that details president Basescu's involvement in the Omar Hayssam business.

These are the most important statements Traian Basescu made in response to the accusations:

  • Some people's level of incidence reached so far that it addresses a dirty game
  • I would take the liberty to remind them that I am the president who ran the Crisis cell and who managed to recover the three Romanian journalists detained in Iraq
  • More than that, the structures of the Romanian state were able to support other Occidental states as well in retrieving their hostages
  • Regarding the book that Mr. Gaetan has written, featuring the "professional" Nastasiu, I would like to suggest to Mr. Geoana to stop using his family friends for indirect and dirty attack on a presidential candidate
  • Nastasiu is a man who manages to become embarrassing trying to co-author books alongside Mr. Gaetan, after having experienced a significant professional failure
  • They are SF books for sure, but they harm the country and discredit the institutions of the Romanian state
  • For these gentlemen, the electoral interest has no more decency limit in their actions
  • I would like to make public that Mr. prosecutor Nastasiu, who is today preaching about his dossiers, is a prosecutor who has been rejected by the system of justice through the decision taken by the Supreme Magistrate's Council to dismiss him from the Prosecutors'
  • Professionally, he was the one to request to set Omar Hayssam free, after forgetting to take all the necessary supervision measures for the liberation of Hayssam
  • He did not enforce the measures from Hayssam's supervision mandate
  • A prosecutor who has been rejected by the system he once belonged to and has recovered by politicians during campaign
  • It is high time I appealed to politicians to return to the campaign decency, not with dossiers, documents stolen from DGIPI or with prosecutors that have been recovered by political parties to win the elections
  • Nastasiu managed to launch a major diversion: that Hayssam had left by plane; this is part of the intoxication programme that Nastasiu rolls publicly
  • I am telling the prosecutor that he will not be able to lie because the dossier to established the guilty in the case of Omar Hayssam's fleeing is in Court
  • It is true, it is peculiar: the dossier travelled from Bucharest to Constanta, then to Oradea
  • During my mandate, Hayssam was convicted to serve 20 years in prison
  • During Iliescu's mandate, they were accompanying him in his official visits, together with his wife and with Munaf, the guide of the Romanian journalists who have been in Iraq
  • I would add that PSD is responsible for the fact that Omar Hayssam reached a level of influence that made him partner with the chief of state in official visits
  • This is a responsibility which cannot be shifted to me because during my time, Hayssam saw five penal dossiers open
  • There is this issue about my travelling to Syria. This aimed to start the negotiations to modify the treaty regarding extraditions between Romania and Syria, so that, after the negotiations ended, to have Hayssam extradited back to Romania
  • I hope that the PSD trusts of influence from the justice department have exhausted their power to manipulate judges and that this dossier will stand trial
  • The General's Prosecutor's Office has established very precisely how Hayssam fled and by whom he was helped
  • I hope that justice will use its attributions and will rule through a court decision who is guilty for Omar Hayssam's escape
  • The gentlemen that use this case in a political sense are those who sold companies to Hayssam
  • I make a public appeal to the presidential candidates: they should stop using persons, who have been excluded by the justice system, for political purposes and to give up using the documents received from the DGIPI during Mr. Nica's mandate
  • I would like to respond to Mr. Ciuvica, who was desperately requesting today for me to show him the document that warned me that Hayssam was going to escape: hi only read the document in his way, according to the money from Voiculescu
  • Councillor Sergiu Medar received, indeed, on May 5, this warning triggered by Mr. General Ardelean. He informed all the state's structures, which, in their turn, have been informed by the DGIPI
  • He informed after i returned from Wien, where I had had surgery. By chance, the 5th was on a Friday and he could not inform me because I was not feeling good and on Monday I checked in Wien. But he informed me upon my return
  • The same signal was received prosecutor Nastasiu and still, he did not enforce the necessary supervision measures
  • Those trying to use the elections in this way will receive the bill for trying to lie to the Romanians after becoming part of the group receiving benefits from the relationship with Hayssam when Iliescu was president.

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