East Europeans should stop acting like babies and should start to solve their problems alone, without complaining to the Americans about how aggressive Russia is, former national security problems in the Jimmy Carter administration Zbigniew Brzezinski said. Brzezinski is considered the "grey eminence" of U.S. politics of the American foreign policy. He made the declaration above on Tuesday, in an interview for the public Czech television, quoted by Prague Daily Monitor.

"East Europeans should stop behave like small children, start to deal with their own problems by themselves and not to go to the United States complaining about Russian aggressiveness", Brzezinski said in an interview on the day celebrating 20 years since the protests in Prague that led to the fall of the communist regime in this country.

Here are a series of the most important subjects Zbigniew Brzezinski addressed, as reported by the Prague Daily Monitor:

  • he criticised Russia for its attempts to regain power through taking over strategic companies in the energy sector. But people should not dramatise the problem and they should think of that it is mainly their responsibility to deal with it. They should not expect anyone to solve their problems for them, Brzezinski said
  • he stated that he predicted the disintegration of the communist system in 1968, after the Soviet troops, alongside the troops taking part in the Warsaw Pact, invaded Czechoslovakia. Brzezinski said that that he made the prediction then because the inner misunderstandings were obvious and had devastating effects
  • he also said that the Czechs did not have a clear revolutionary attitude, like the Hungarians or the Polish. But Brzezinski said that he visited Czechoslovakia in the spring of 1968, and the political context was very intense
  • he said the United States' relations with Poland and the Czech Republic do not differ from what they were two years ago in spite of the new U.S. government not to build a radar base in the Czech Republic and not to station interceptor missiles in Poland
  • he said it is a reality that the current U.S. policy has moved from Europe to the Pacific. The supremacy of the West over the whole world is declining, not because the West would be losing viability, but because Asia's viability is growing, Brzezinski said
  • he said the United States is solving important issues with the Chinese, they cooperate on the North Korea and Iran issues, their mutual financial dependence is huge. It is simply a matter of public responsibility, Brzezinski said.