Teachers and professors will have to take unpaid holiday on November 30 and December 14 to 18, the Education Ministry informs.

The Romanian Education, research and Innovation Ministry (MECI) announces that, "following formal and informal consultations MECI currently had with union members, academic staff, parents and local authorities, there are several measures that need be respected".

One of them refers to granting unpaid free days in November 30 and in December 14-18, to diminish staff spending in November and December 2009.

"County school inspectorates have the duty to inform the schools' management regarding the ministry's decision and to enforce it. Additionally, they have to make sure that every academic unit has a programme to come up to date with the subjects taught", MECI shows, quoted by Mediafax.

The academic state units' managers are obliged to reduce staff expenditure by 15% in November and by 15.5% in December through enforcing one of the three measures. One measures addressed free unpaid days between December 21-24 and 28-31. A second measure aimed the reduction of the work norm without affecting the academic teaching schedule. The third measure regards enforcing a measure with an equivalent effect or one that combines the two alternatives.