20.96% Romanian voters cast their ballots in presidential elections by 1 p.m. on Sunday, the Central Electoral Office has announced. Turnout in the referendum for a single-chamber parliament stood at 19.62% at 1 p.m..

Turnout in presidential elections:

  • 20.96% at national level
  • 20.12% in urban areas
  • 22.10% in rural areas
  • highest turnout: Teleorman county - 27.63%
  • lowest turnout - 15.03%
  • turnout in Bucharest - 19.71%

Turnout in the referendum:

  • 19.62% at national level
  • 18.83% in urban areas
  • 20.71% in rural areas
  • 18.29% in Bucharest

In the first round of the 2004 presidential elections, 27.18% had showed up and voted by 2 p.m.

By 1 p.m. on Sunday, some 170,389 people voted in special voting sections at national level, with the highest numbers reported in the counties of Ilfov near Bucharest (8,965), Olt, Dolj, Teleorman and Prahova.

A record turnout was reported in the Republic of Moldova, where the Embasy of Romania may call for an extension of the closing deadline. Hundreds of people were waiting before the Embassy HQ on Sunday, with a similar situation at the two Romanian consulates. By 1 p.m., 2,580 voters had cast their ballots in the Republic of Moldova, where sections are open in the cities of Chisinau (4 sections), Cahul, Balti, Ungheni, Nisporeni, orhei, Soroca, Causeni, Anenii Noi and Giurgiulesti.