The spokesman for presidential candidate Traian Basescu, Sever Voinescu, said on Sunday afternoon that the Social Democrats (PSD) was trying to compromise the electoral process by "obsessively supporting the idea that the election process is subject of fraud". He accused the PSD of engaging a "propaganda machine" to compromise the electoral process with such allegations.

Voinescu, as quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax, claimed "intentionally wrong results" of certain exit polls would be used to support the idea. And he said the election fraud has been a campaign theme for the PSD.

PSD is represented in the presidential elections by party leader Mircea Geoana. has chosen to present all four exit polls ordered by public TV station TVR, news stations Realitatea TV and Antena 3 and the B1/Vox News stations respectively so that readers can themselves find the differences between the sets of results. Figures circulating throughout the election day confirm the unexplained existence of major differences between the various exit polls, which are due to be announced when voting closes at 9 p.m..