49.97% of Romanian voters cast their ballots in presidential elections by 7 p.m. on Sunday, according to the Central Electoral Office. It announced that 46.84% of voters also cast ballots in the referendum for reform of the Romanian Parliament.

The highest turnout was reported in the counties of Teleorman, Mehedinti and Ilfov. Turnout in Bucharest was 45.06% by 7 p.m..

Readers of the Romanian-language version of HotNews.ro have noted that a high number of people have been going to vote in the late hours of the day.

And authorities announced that polls will close at all sections across the country no matter the situation at 9 p.m. as scheduled. The announcement came as long queues have been reported at special sections in Bucharest and elsewhere where people who are away from home can vote. These special sections have been the source of controversies as some allege they might allow multiple voting, which is an electoral fraud.