We will work harder and on December 6, we will win together, Social Democratic candidate standing for President, Mircea Geoana declared shortly after exit polls on Sunday evening. According to the latest exit polls Geoana is second after incumbent President Traian Basescu. Follow Mircea Geoana's main declarations in the article.

Mircea Geoana's main statements

  • This is a beautiful night, for both us and you, my colleagues
  • I want to thank everyone for voting with me and a special thanks for the Romanians who turned out to vote
  • We worked months, days and hours to get here
  • We will work harder and on December 6 we will win together
  • I thank those people who voted for Basescu and to those who opted for Liberal Antonescu, who had a good campaign
  • On December 6, my hardest job will just start, after the long awaited victory
  • We want to unite the country and fight evil after five years of scandal
  • Romanians abroad and those living in Romania should unite their voters
  • After five years of scandals, what counts more is what unites us
  • We can fight the crisis if we fight together
  • We need to address industry and agriculture, and if we are united, nothing is too hard
  • We can ensure one Romania, in which pensions are a guarantee for the lives of the elderly
  • I will name a government supported by a parliamentary majority by Christmas