Liberal candidate Crin Antonescu thanked all Romanians turning out to vote in presidential elections in a statement he made shortly after exit polls were released on Sunday. He added that at 7 p.m. about 1 million Romanians were waiting to cast a vote and underlined that voter turnout in the presidential elections were very high. We proved that we can do it, against all propaganda machines, that in Romania our will still makes a difference, Antonescu said. I do not want to comment the huge manipulation of the survey institutes, he said.

Here are Antonescu's main statement:

  • Romania's big cities registered a record turnout and I want to thank them
  • We showed that we can win against propaganda machines
  • I do not want to comment the manipulation of the survey institutes
  • Voiculescu and Vantu (Romanian businessmen owing two influent media outlets) are defying the will of the people
  • The real results of these elections will be revealed only after the thousands Romanians waiting to vote will vote, and after voting sections will be closed at 9 p.m.
  • I am happy that my message reached out to most citizens even though I did not have the means the other two main candidates had
  • Geoana and Basescu were sad for the results