Romania's National Public Television, TVR 1 covered the electoral campaign in a balanced manner, but its news programs did not cover elections so much. Realitatea TV, owned by media mogul Vantu, presented incumbent President Basescu on a negative light while his main opponent, PSD Mircea Geoana appeared in a positive light. Basescu's presence in the media was overwhelming, but from a negative perspective at Antena 1 news television and in national newspapers like Jurnalul National, Cotidianul and Gandul, a preliminary OSCE report reads, released on Monday.

On the other hand, the report reads that the media institutions offered, overall a varied array of information and political opinions, which contributed to an informed decision of the public.

A review of the main media outlets in Romania and their reflection of the electoral campaign


  • offered candidates equal access to electoral programs
  • aired special programs dedicated to elections in prime time and all candidates could address citizens
  • however, it covered the campaign less than normal
  • in prime time, the channel offered incumbent President 26% of its informative
  • programs and used a neutral tone on 67% of its shows
  • other candidates had a marginal cover

Pro TV

  • 21% of the media coverage was dedicated to the President, on a neutral tone while coverage of elections and electoral topics was limited

Prima TV

  • it offered candidates more time: incumbent President Basescu 22%, PSD Mircea Geoana 10% and Liberal Antonescu 5%
  • it had a balance perspective

Realitatea TV

  • offered more attention to elections both during news and other programs
  • in prime time news, the news channel ofered 39% of its total time to the President (56% on a negative tone towards Basescu), 12% to Geoana (53% of the times on a positive tone) and 9% to Crin Antonescu (41% of the times, in a positive way).

Antena 1

  • a similar tendency, but 59% of its political and electoral coverage were targeted to Basescu (72% against him)