An alliance between Liberal Crin Antonescu and the Social Democrats risks to take the country back 20 years when the Social Democrats were doing whatever they wanted with institutions, President Basescu accused in a press conference. He added that Antonescu found a refuge in the Social Democrats.

Here are Basescu's main declarations

  • An alliance between Liberal Antonescu and the Social Democrats risks to takes us 20 years back, when the Social Democrats were doing whatever they pleased with the state's institutions
  • Antonescu does not have the force to deal with the Social Democrats
  • What made Antonescu more sensitive to a possible alliance with the Social Democrats?
  • My option is to form a government without an alliance
  • The only ally I seek is the Romanian citizen
  • I can assure you that an alliance with me is an alliance that will force the political class to modernize, so that we can live better
  • We need to remain partners in a reform process which is very difficult
  • It is a crucial time - a time of reform and it is crucial to continue reforming the state
  • Romania does not have enough money for media moguls Vantu and Patriciu or Voiculescu and in the same time finance pensions and education systems
  • It was a historic vote yesterday: over 70% of the Romanian voters voted against the bicameral Parliament
  • Romanians are full of political games, of alliances and seek efficiency
  • I can understand them, I think the same
  • This political class refused any engagement to reform