Pharmacists in Romania will go on a two-day Japanese strike, namely on Tuesday and Wednesday, to draw attention on the "dying state of the pharmaceutical system" and to appeal to the Government to find urgent solutions to stops pharmacies from going bankrupt.

During November 24-25, pharmacists will wear black arm-bands, Romanian College of Pharmacists announced. Pharmacies stopped receiving money for drugs five months ago.

"Extending the payment deadline from 60 to 120 days, starting with June this year, brought pharmacies in an unprecedented situation. With all financial resources drained up and without receiving any money from the health insurance houses, the pharmacies need to supply the population with medicine and pay taxes, VAT, salaries and the rest of the bills necessary for functioning", the College of Pharmacists communiqué shows.

A big part of the pharmacies, especially in the rural areas, are facing insolvency, being summoned to pay drug suppliers and state debts.