The attendance for the polls on the Romanian national referendum for a single-chamber Parliament and the reduction in the number of MPs recorded 50.91% of Romania's population, after centralising 99.92% of the votes, according to the official partial results released by the Romanian Central Electoral Office (BEC) at 10 AM today. 77.78% of the voters are in favour of a Parliament with one chamber, while 88.84% of the population voting wishes to reduce the number of MPs.

T validate the referendum, 50% of the population plus one more Romanian citizen has to vote on the issue, regardless the number of the vote cancelled after the counting, BEC president Marian Muhulet told

On Sunday evening, after the closing of the voting sections, President Traian Basescu already saluted the validation of the referendum, having the exit-polls indicating that over half of the Romanian population voted on the subject.