A woman aged 58, hospitalised after raising suspicions of flu infection, died in a hospital from Botosani, according to medical sources from the North-Eastern Romanian county, quoted by news TV channels.

"Romania recorded the second death case caused by AH1N1. During the last 24 hours, there have been 190 new cases of pandemic virus A/H1N1 infections", a Romanian Health Ministry report indicates.

The total number of swine flu patients recorded overall in Romania up until November 24 2009, 12 PM, is 2,258, the Health Ministry adds.

On Monday, the Romanian Health Ministry announced the first death caused by swine flu in the country - a man from Siret (North- East). The man was hospitalised in Radauti on November 15, showing moderate swine flu symptoms. But the associated affections, obesity, diabetes and hypertension led to complications. He died in the ambulance transporting him to the hospital in Iasi, a bigger city in North-East Romania.