The Social Democrats and the Liberal Party signed an agreement against incumbent President Basescu. The agreement foresees that the Liberals will endorse Mircea Geoana as President and imposes a condition to propose Klaus Johannis as PM and form a government around the Parliamentary majority.

We need to instal a new government lead by Klaus Johannis as soon as possible, PSD leader Mircea Geoana declared. The first condition is to rule out Basescu, Antonescu added.

Here are Mircea Geoana's main declarations:

  • it is an important step to ensure the stability of the country
  • I believe that all positive and mature political forces in the country need to collaborate to instal Klaus Johannis as President
  • this agreement will ensure long term political stability
  • This is an agreement based on principles in which we both believe
  • This is not a bargain on votes, it is a collaboration to canalize forces in Romania
  • I will campaign with Crin Antonescu and I am honored that he accepted my proposal
  • We will prove that we are capable to lie above all group interests

Crin Antonescu's declarations:

  • I truly believe that this is a beneficial agreement for the country
  • This is not an agreement to sustain a candidate over the other
  • it is a matter of national interest to have another president than Basescu