For the first time in Romanian politics, PRM and UDMR campaign together for the same presidential candidate. PSD, PNL, UDMR, PRM, PAS, THE ROMA PARTY and the Revolutionaries' National Block united to campaign in the second presidential poll for the social-candidate Mircea Geoana. The president of PSD Sibiu (Central Romania) deputy Ioan Cindrea announced the agreement on Thursday, quoted by Romanian press agency Agerpres.

Despite the fact that the Roma Party decided to support Mircea Geoana, the self-entitled king of the Roma ethnic minority from Romania Florin Cioaba announced that he continues to support the lib-dem Traian Basescu.

The PSD branch alongside the new allies aims to win in Sibiu, even if the PD-L candidate recorded 44% of the votes in this county. "Our purpose is to get half plus one vote for Mircea Geoana. I am convinced that in the second round at polls in Sibiu the votes would be different", Cindrea added.

In his turn, the PRM Sibiu president Gheorghe Bucur stated that he backs Mircea Geoana, the PSD candidate, for Romania's presidency. "Things are very simple. PRM maintains its doctrine, but now, due to the situation created, we are forced to elect Mircea Geoana", he declared on Thursday.

The presidential candidate to win most votes in Sibiu in the first round at polls was the liberal-democratic candidate Traian Basescu, who managed to raise 44% of the population's votes in the county and 37% in the city. He was followed by Crin Antonescu - 22% and 32%, respectively. PSD candidate Mircea Geoana came third, with 21% of the local votes and 17% in the city.