The atmosphere in central Timisoara (West Romania) was tensioned today, with presidential social-democratic (PSD) candidate Mircea Geoana planning an electoral event in the Operei Square, a place that stands as a symbol for the Romanian 1989 Revolution. The anti-PSD protesters tried to get in front of the Opera, but the gendarmes prevented them, News Timisoara informs.

Mircea Geoana concluded his speech in the afternoon. People gathered in the square screamed "Thieves" and "Get out". Geoana, Antonescu (PNL) and Johannis (the mayor of Sibiu proposed by Antonescu for Romania's premiership), left the building through the back door.

Mircea Geoana did not go out in the square, and preferred to keep his speech from the Opera. the moment he started talking, he was booed passionately. Geoana's competition asked the PSD candidate to have courage and come out to face the crowds.

Mircea Dinescu, a Romanian poet dissident during the communist period, tried to relax the atmosphere, taking the mike and making fun of Basescu.

Around noon, when the event was being prepared, the PSD supporters were yelled "Jos Basescu", being booed by people passing by. Several Timisoara Society members, among whom the reputed Daniel Vighi, came to the square to express their discontent with the event organised by the PSD.

Dan Botorodetchi:It is painful for communists to gather here, in the Operei Square, 20 years after the Revolution. If they had gone in the Central Park, I would have nothing against them.

I am not here to support Basescu. I'm here to fight against communism. Red is the communists' colour- a man from Timisoara declared.

A woman present in the centre told the story short, News Timisoara notes: "My father died in the centre of the city and now the communists are back here again", the young woman said in tears.


PD_L Timis president Constantin Ostaficiuc told that lib-dems did not protest in the Operei Square. Ostaficiuc claims that the party has ruled that on December 1 the lib-dems are not to organise any form of electoral event in the Operei Square, out of respect for Romania's national day. He said PD-L had no connection with what was going on in the square.