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Taian Basescu: Adrian Nastase came to me to find a solution for his case. Ludovic Orban asked about the accident he had near Cotroceni. I did not intervene for anyone

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Miercuri, 2 decembrie 2009, 11:34 English | Top News

"It's difficult to go to Timisoara when your party's president of honour is Ion Iliescu", Traian Basescu declared in an interview for Romanian radio station Realitatea FM, speaking about Mircea Geoana going to Timisoara. "Ion Iliescu is one of those who militated for dismissing a president from his role", Basescu claimed. He added that the law forbidding those who had leading roles during the communist regime to access a public role must be enforced, but it is moving very slow in the Parliament. He rejected PD-L's involvement in the Tuesday's demonstrations in several major cities. The president claimed that some politicians "came to me because they were stressed by certain cases".

The most important declarations made by Traian Basescu:

  • The fight to cancel privileges is a difficult one.
  • I condemn the arrogance shown by some politicians, who went to Timisoara without showing respect the values of the Revolution.
  • It is difficult to go to Timisoara when your party's president of honour is Ion Iliescu or when you make noise in the Parliament alongside Corneliu Vadim Tudor when the state's president condemns communism.
  • I did not take part in a public manifestation in Timisoara before condemning communism.
  • The people take to the streets because they feel they can't express themselves anymore.
  • You, the journalists, are the ones taking them to the streets, don't get angry with me for saying that.
  • I'm not saying that Traian Basescu should not be removed, but let the people decide that.
  • Ion Iliescu was the one who militated for dismissing a president from his role. There are, nevertheless, limits.
  • The Lustration Law must be voted, it would complete the political attitude towards a social command.
  • The project is in the Parliament but it's not moving.
  • It would have been o have a Lustration Law 2-3 years after the Revolution. 
  • I categorically reject PD-L involvement in the protests that took place in the big cities.
  • I don't take out of the equation that certain people might have joined PD-L after I have condemned communism.
  • How much arrogance must there be in people to declare that they come in Timisoara on behalf of Corneliu Coposu?
  • I hope that these rotests will not happen before the elections.
  • I hope that these people will not be labelled as hooligans or disrupters of public order.
  • I discussed with Klaus Johannis, but I cannot tell you what we talked about.
  • I support the idea that Romania must be lead but a right-winged Government.
  • Klaus Johanis could have been PM long time ago, if he had had his own governing ideas.
  • Johannis can be a PM solution, but not with an economic programme made by Patriciu or a political programme tailored by Voiculescu.
  • I don't exclude anyone from governance.
  • I have never imposed a minister.
  • Romanians have two alternatives: the road ahead with Mircea Geoana, controlled by his own party, or the reform of the state, with Traian Basescu, uncontrolled by anyone.
  • It is essential for Romania to reform the state, because otherwise we've got little chances to have financial resources for investments.
  • I can tell you that Adrian Nastase came to my home in the first part of my mandate, as Ludovic Orban did when he had the accident.
  • Nastase wanted to find a solution and close his case.
  • If he denies, I will have all the proofs.
  • Orban wanted to know if the supervision system from Cotroceni was filming the pedestrians' zebra as well when he had the accident. He wanted to go on with the lie that he did not hit the child.
  • Dinu Patriciu and Sorin Rosca Stanescu came as well; the visit is famous.
  • I refused everybody.

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