"The meeting in Timisoara was a moment of historic reconciliation", the PSD president Mircea Geoana said. The social-democratic candidate rejected Traian Basescu's accusations, who accused the "arrogance" of some politicians who went to Timisoara on Tuesday "without respecting the values of the Revolution". "I'm afraid that it is one of Basescu's strategy to justify his December 6 defeat", Mircea Geoana said.

"I'm content and proud that, 20 years after the Revolution, we managed to have a civilised and constructive dialogue between political forces that have been irreconcilable opponents. My unity message is one that i will promote in the years to come as well", the PSD presidential candidate declared.

Talking about President Traian Basescu's accusations, Geoana said: "If Mr. Ciuhandu is arrogant, if Mr. Crin Antonescu is arrogant, if Mr. Johannis is arrogant, if Mr. Radu Sarbu from PNT-CD is arrogant, than Mr. Basescu is right. But I'm afraid that this is a justification strategy for the December 6 defeat".

Mircea Geoana Had an electoral event on Tuesday in Timisoara, where he was accompanied by Crin Antonescu (PNL) and Gheorghe Ciuhandu. According to local witnesses, about 3,000 people came to the Operei Square, which stands as a symbol of the Romanian 1989 Revolution, and booed passionately Geoana and the PSD. Therefore, the PSD leader did not go out in the Square, keeping his speech in the hall, despite the fact that the protesters asked him to come and face the crowds. Geoana, Antonescu and Johannis left the Opera through the back door.

In an interview for Romanian Radio Channel Realitatea FM, President Traian Basescu accused "the arrogance of some politicians, who went to Timisoara without respecting the values of the Revolution. It is difficult to go to Timisoara when your party's president is Ion Iliescu or when you make noise in the Parliament alongside Corneliu Vadim Tudor when the state president condemns communism. I did not take part in a public event in Timisoara before condemning communism".