168 swine flu cases have been confirmed during the last 24 hours and two deaths have been recorded Romanian Health Ministry informs. The total number of patients tested positive for A/H1N1 in Romania is 3,427, out of which five died.

So far, the Romanian authorities have announced officially only three deaths caused by the new flu. On November 23, a patient from Radauti (North-East), infected with swine flu, suffering of obesity and diabetes, died in the ambulance driving him to a hospital in Iasi. A day later, the Romanian Health Ministry recorded a second death: a woman from Botosani (N-E). Saturday brought the third death caused by the virus, without authorities releasing additional data, like the city it occurred or if the patient was also suffering of other associated affections.

The Health Ministry announced that the National College "Lucian Blaga" from Sebes in Alba county (West) and "Marin Preda" High Scholl in Bucharest suspended their courses.