The Romanian National Institute for Criminal Expertise (INEC) announced on Wednesday that it has sent the presidency the analysis result regarding the tape showing incumbent President Traian Basescu hitting a child during an electoral event organised in Ploiesti (South) in 2004. "The result can be made public only by the authority that requested it", INEC states.

According to a Justice Ministry communiqué, the Romanian Presidential Administration submitted a request with INEC on Monday, November 30. The Romanian president requested a specialised analysis establishing if the images showing Basescu in electoral campaign in Ploiesti in 2004 hitting a child, broadcasted by Romanian newspaper Gandul's website, "contained traces of technical intervention aiming to modify integrity".

"INEC informs that the requested result notice has been communicated on Wednesday, December 2, to the public authorities that had requested it. We note that the notice result can be made public only by the authority that requested it."

On Wednesday, Traian Basescu announced from his campaign office that he will sue Dinu Patriciu and Gandul newspaper for "the lie and manipulation of certain film footage" and he asked the Gandul leadership why the newspaper did not request a video expertise.