Romanian businessman Dinu Patriciu sued, on Thursady, incumbent President Traian Basescu and asked 1 euro worth of damages if he will win the case, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. The trial will start on May 4, 2010. Patriciu calls Basescu at court for naming him a "liar" and accused him of offering "fake tapes" to the press.

Yesterday, Basescu sued businessman Dinu Patriciu and the Best Media company, which edits the daily newspaper Gardianul for publishing fake materials. Basescu called for 1 lei worth of damages in case he wins. The trial is due to start on April 21.

Dinu Patriciu declared, after Basescu sued him that his lawyers are setting up the documents needed to sue Basescu. Patriciu said that his lawyers will attend the trial and even him, if necessary.