Romanian special voting sections saw the voting process interrupted, generally because of the short number of bulletins, but also because one fraud accusation.

Romanian special voting sections saw the voting sections interrupted, generally because of the short number of bulletins, but also because one fraud The electoral process has been interrupted in several special sections from Ilfov (South-East), due to the lack of sufficient voting bulletins. In his situation were the polls from Afumati, Copaceni, Dobroiesti, Domnesti, Peris, Stefanestii de Jos, Tunari, Pantelimon and Ciolpani and the special section no. 90 from Voluntari, according to Romanian news agency Agerpres.

The vote might be interrupted for the sections in Otopeni, Magurele, Berceni, Stefanesti, Pantelimon, Dascalu, Peris, Chiajna and Cernica for the very same reason. The County Electoral Office (BEJ) decided, with six votes pro and five against, to not supply the special sections with more voting bulletins. Accredited BEJ members affiliated to PRM, PSD, PNL, PNG, UDMR and PAS who took the decision claim that supplementing the number of bulletins would encourage electoral tourism.

Ilfov prefect Valentin Delcea contested the BEJ decision at the Central Electoral Office (BEC), claiming that the BEJ decision does not respect the right to vote and says that BEJ has bulletins available, so that it could send them to the special sections.

The special voting section from the North Rail station from Bucharest has run into troubles as well. A member of the supervising commission complained about the fact that one of his colleagues has introduced several voting bulletins in the box after stamping them. The voting process has been interrupted here as well, but it was re-started half an hour after the incident.

About 100 people were queuing to have their say on Romania's future president by 7 am, when the voting sections opened, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. In comparison with the first round, the authorities made sure there were additional voting cabins for the special sections, because of the interest voters have shown. Additionally, it is expected that the voting time is shortened: at the first round at the poll, voters had to fill-in two declarations - one for the presidential elections, one for the referendum - that they have not voted already and will not vote again.accusation.