"Together we won! This is a beautiful night for Romania's democracy!", the PSD presidential candidate Mircea Geoana declared, immediately after the exit-polls announced their estimates. The PSD president is shown as the elections' winner by three opinion surveys, while only one shows him and Traian Basescu with equal chances.

These are the most important declarations made by Mircea Geoana:

  • I'd like to thank those who put their trust in me, to my party colleagues, the staff and the PC alliance and, not the least, to Crin Antonescu.
  • I would also like to thank those who represent other political organisations - UDMR, PNCTD, the national minorities, from PRM to PIN, union reps and revolutionaries.
  • I was right to talk about unity, the need to save jobs, to come out of the crisis, our victory is the victory of normality, of common-sense.
  • I would also like to thank to the one who was the country's president for five years, I will treat him with respect, like an ex-president. What I want to say is that he will have the power to get over this moment's sadness, which I understand, in order to insure a democratic and decent transfer, worthy of a European state.
  • Together with Crin Antonescu we engaged to end the crisis. And we will have the Johannis government based on a strong majority.
  • It is equally Crin Antonescu's victory as it is mine.
  • I would like to thank Crin Antonescu because what he has done during these two weeks goes beyond a simple coalition, a simple majority, and it represents a friendship and a moral duty and I am forever in the debt of this exceptional man.