On Sunday, during presidential elections, there were 194 felonies, most registered in Teleorman, Dambovita, Vrancea and Galati counties, Interior minister spokesperson Christian Ciocan declared. Follow his most important declarations.

Ciocan's main declarations:

  • Interior Ministry wants to thank citizens for understanding to play a fair game
  • We would like to thank all political parties, mass media and non governmental organizations who contributed to verifications
  • We would like to thank our employees who conducted all investigations in a professional manner
  • 269 sanctions were applied worth 208,000 Ron
  • Most felonies were registered in Dambovita, Telorman, Vrancea and Galati
  • Two 24h arrests were applied in Sacele, Brasov and Stefanesti, Arges for an attempt to vote twice