"The second round of the 2009 presidential election in Romania confirmed the positive aspects noted during the first round, in particular the overall compliance with OSCE commitments and other international standards for democratic elections, the respect for fundamental political freedoms, the competitive campaign environment, and the efficient administration of the election", the main conclusion of the OSCE report reads.

While the authorities took steps to remedy some shortcomings noted during the first round of voting and to investigate allegations of irregularities, further efforts are required to address remaining weaknesses in order to improve the election process and strengthen public confidence.

In particular, reports of alleged irregularities noted in the second round should be investigated as a matter of urgency.

The media as a whole continued to provide varied and ample coverage of the presidential election, which allowed voters to make an informed choice. The candidates could access the media unhindered.

Public television and some private channels had less news coverage of the campaign than before the first round, partly reflecting the lower level of campaign activities. Overall, the coverage of public television was balanced, neutral and fair.