I thank all those who voted for me, just like I am grateful to those who did not vote for me, President Traian Basescu declared in a press conference today. At 7PM on Sunday, I knew I won elections and I know that Hrebenciuc talked with a couple of survey institutes to increase Geoana's percentage, Basescu said. He explained that it was Hrebenciuc that made Geoana look bad.

Here are Basescu's main declarations:

  • For me, all voters are Romanians and as President, I will treat everybody as equals
  • I think about the effort Romanians in North America, Canada and US made
  • Tomorrow, after BEC results will be validated, I will make an official declaration
  • At 7PM on Sunday I knew I won elections
  • I believe that if votes are counted again, I will win by 3%