The Social Democratic Party (PSD) decided to contest the results of the presidential elections, leader of the party, Mircea Geoana announced on Monday. He said that his party cannot let things be after five million Romanians voted for them.

He explained that PSD will contest the elections at the Constitutional court and will submit fraud evidence.

Here are his main declarations

  • There are clues leading to huge amounts of money allocated to the purchase of votes, electoral tourism and multiple votes
  • It is the first time Romania faced such a small difference among candidates
  • We need to admit that the Democrat Liberals and Basescu are using means beyond democracy
  • There were many gifts and electoral bribes
  • For the five million Romanians who voted for us, we need to take a stand
  • Our decision is to maintain the agreed parliamentary majority
  • We exclude any collaboration with PDL
  • We do not want to crease more confusion and instability in Romania
  • Today, Romania faces a difficult moment and these elections shed shadows on a shaky image
  • We will wait the Court's decision
  • Romanians do not have to accept a President who won by frauds