Liberal leader Crin Antonescu admitted for the first time that PNL would agree to negotiate the governance by PD-L's side on condition that the Prime-Minister would be designated by PNL. Crin Antonescu made the statement on Tuesday morning, in an interview for Radio Guerilla.

"The only formula in which in can be discussed a governance with someone like Traian Basescu or PD-L is if PNL owns the PM role. This in order to be able to discuss. I'm not saying it's sufficient; it could raise other discussions, as well. In my opinion, as proved in our case and in PSD's case, it is practically impossible to govern with PD-L. Bt this would be the only context that could start discussions", the liberal leder told Radio Guerilla, according to Romanain newspaper Gandul.

PNL sources declared on Monday evening for Romanian news agency Mediafax that PNL president Crin Antonescu and ex-PNL leader Calin Popescu-Tariceanu argued in the Central permanent Office on the issue of possible governance with PD-L.

After Tariceanu announced the liberals that he had been claaed by Traian Basescu for a governing proposal alongside PD-L, Crin Antonescu allegedly told Tariceanu that he is the president and the BPC will meet the decisions, adding that if Tariceanu wanted a PD-L governance, he was free to leave and join PD-L.

A final decision regarding PNL's position on governance is expected on Wednesday, during the party's Executive Committee meeting, where local leaders will take part as well.