"We request the annulment of the second electoral round and its repetition.", PSD's general secretary Liviu Dragnea declared after the social-democratic meeting on Tuesday. PSD announced that the party will contest the Sunday's polls, December 6, at the Constitutional Court and the Central Electoral Office.

Talking about the request the party will submit to the Constitutional Court to see the result of the Sunday's elections cancelled, Dragnea claimed that there were "tones of proofs" and that the social-democrats "have started to synthesise them". Dragnea said that the matter addresses bulletins both from the country and from the Romanian Diaspora.

"We will submit them tomorrow [Wednesday] in a suitable format" at the Constitutional Court, the social-democrat politician said. "We can't go there with a truck full of proofs, because we will block the Constitutional Court", Dragnea mentioned.

"Asked what proofs he was referring to, Dragnea said: "It regards all types of possible fraud these people have invented. We're talking about multiple voting, electoral bribing, electoral processes that have been modified after going out of the voting section and many more".

"I request the annulment of the second voting round and its repetition, according to the law", Liviu Dragnea declared.

Another PSD official said that "it can be proven that the fraud have been committed only by PD-L".

Dragnea referred to the meeting on Monday at the Interior Ministry between Vasile Blaga, Radu Berceanu and Adriean Videanu, saying that "he has information according to which the prefects were asked to erase the tapes with videos from the special sections".

During the morning, Dragnea claimed that "the electoral fraud dimension is increasingly bigger. It is way bigger than we would have imagined". He declared he was convinced that "the Constitutional Court judges will understand that Romania's president must be elected by citizens and not imposed by a state apparatus that set up a massive fraud action".