Social-democrat Vasile Puscas declares the fact that it is being resorted to contesting the presidential polls is embarrassing for a European state and this procedure will raise questions in the EU regarding the democratic process in Romania, According to Romanian news agency Agerpres.

"The fact that it is being resorted to contesting the elections in a European state is really embarrassing, because this would prove serious issues addressing the democratic process in the country. It is obvious that many questions will be raised regarding Romania, as an EU state, enforces the political and democratic criteria sets", Vasile Puscas declared on Tuesday for Agerpres.

The ex-chief negotiator claims that the request addressing the presidential elections contestation will be very closely monitored by the European institutions.

"There will by a very close observation by the member states and by the European and international institutions of the was this request will be handled, a request which is - once again - regrettable and embarrassing for having to resort ton it, and the way the rightful state operates in Romania will be taken into account, as well as the way in which the law is enforced, which are its social effects and, not the least, all member states and evaluation institutions will consider Romania's capacity to demonstrate cooperation skills and openness in the European processes and policies", Puscas added for Agerpres.