"Moscow paid attention to the fact that, during the electoral campaign, Romania's president Traian Basescu took the liberty to make several unfriendly remarks about Russia", the Russian Foreign Affairs spokesman Andrei Nesterenko announced. He recalled that as proposed to his political opponents, Basescu is trying to play the "Russian card", accusing Russia of attempting to get involved in Romania's internal affairs.

"It is absolutely obvious that such absurd declarations can only harm the development of our bi-lateral relationships", Nesterenko underlined, quoted by the Russian press agencies.

During the Romanian electoral campaign for presidency, the issue of the Romanian - Russian relationships has been discussed several times. For example, during the final debate from last week, Traian Basescu accused Mircea Geoana for having gone to Moscow for a private visit.

"Romania does not have subordination relationships with Russia, but has very good economic relations. I'd rather not pay visits [to Russia] and see Romanian companies signing contracts worth of 250 million dollars", Basescu said. Geoana retaliated: "It's a year now since Kremlin will not receive you because you have such an aggressive politics that neither Russia, nor our partners understand".