The Constitutional Court rejected on Monday the Social-Democratic Party's request regarding the December 6 elections' result, judicial sources declared for Romanian press agency NewsIn. PSD complaint to the Constitutional Court that the presidential elections were subject to fraud, requesting the Court to allow for a repetition of the second round.

After analysing the documentation submitted by the PSD, the Romanian Constitutional Court requested BEC to re-examine the invalid voting bulletins, namely 2,247. According to BEC's assessment, 1,260 of them were in Traian Basescu's favour, while 987 were allocated to Mircea Geoana.

PSD considers that it is necessary for an Investigative parliamentary commission to be set up to analyse fraud on December 6, the PSD general secretary Liviu Dragnea declared on Monday. He claimed that social-democratic mayors, vice-mayors and even mere PSD members from the country receive "threats".