The gold medal in International Junior Science Olympiad was won by a Romanian student from "Mircea cel Batran" National College in Constanta (South-East), namely Radu Mihai Popescu. The Romanian students present at the International Junior Science Olympiad seventh edition won the gold medal, two silver medals and three bronze medals.

The gold medal was won by Radu Mihai Popescu, a student from "Mircea cel Batran" National College in Constanta, while Vlad Florin Lazar from the "Emanuil Gojdu" National College in Oradea (Central-West) and Ioana Codrina Simionescu from National College "Gh. Vranceanu" in Bacau (East) won two silver medals.

The three bronze medals were won by Adriana Andreea Neamtu from "Moise Nicoara" National College in Arad (West), by Florin Sebastian Dumitru studying at the International Informatics High School in Bucharest, and Mihai Grigore Pruna, from the "Vasile Lucaciu" National College in Baia Mare (North-West).

The Olympic team are all 9th graders.

The International Junior Science Olympia took place during December 2 to 11 2009, in Baku in Azerbaijan. The competition implies the competitors go through three tests - two theoretical and individual ones and one group test, practical, using groups of three students - in three subjects (Chemistry, Biology and Physics). In this year's edition, 259 students from 47 countries joined the competition.