I think that you all witnessed the atmosphere in which negotiations with the party took place, President Basescu declared in a press conference. He added that some parties still face internal issues or did not acknowledge that we are not in competition anymore. He said that he nominates Emil Boc as Prime Minister.

Here are his most important declarations:

  • I am compelled to adopt a solution that can bring stability to the country 
  • I nominate Emil Boc as Prime Minister
  • This is a tight schedule, we need to have a functioning government on December 23
  • We have to approve the 2010 budget to be able to request another IMF delegation to visit Romania
  • On February 17 we might receive the third installment of 1.5 billion euro and the fourth one, worth 830 million euro
  • Half of the sum will go to the Central Bank and half to the Finance ministry to support the budgetary deficit
  • I hope the Parliament will give a positive answer to these emergencies