I thank President Basescu and I realize the great responsibility that comes with this mandate, designated PM Emil Boc declared this morning after President Basescu nominated him as Prime Minister. Boc added that he will immediately implement all measures to support the business environment.

Here are his most important declarations:

  • I realize the great responsibility I have
  • I takeover this mandate to do what is best for the country
  • I need a government that will offer the stability the country needs
  • My priority is to have a budget and adopt it in early January
  • 2010 will be a difficult year but it will be better from the economic point of view
  • We will respect our engagements with the European Commission
  • According to the Constitution, the people are sovereign
  • Romanians voted for the decrease in the number of Parliamentarians
  • I believe in the value of collaboration and solidarity
  • I believe in a partnership with the Parliament, with the President and other authorities